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What is RSS?

The RSS feed is not human readable. It is an XML format which is designed to be read by machines rather than humans. To read an RSS feed you need to use a piece of software called an RSS aggregator or reader. Most of them are very similar to email programmes, but instead of incoming emails, they display news from various sources (from all the feeds you have registered with, or "subscribed to"). Unread news typically appear in bold, just as unread emails do.

An RSS aggregator makes it very convenient to follow up on news from a large number of sources in a single place.

You can use a web-RSS-aggregator, if you pefer not to install one on your computer. Bloglines is such an online aggregator. It allows you to track all your news from a single place you can access with a regular web browser. Most modern web browsers will also handle RSS feeds, but in a limited manner. If you would like to receive RSS as emails in outlook you'll need to download this software.

This is the universal symbol for RSS. When you click on one of these on the site your web browser/RSS aggregator will take care of the rest.

Score Communications recommend signing up to iGoogle or Netvibes to aggregate your RSS feeds. These are the most powerful and easy to use systems currently available. Sign-up (it's free) and have a play. You will no longer need to check 10 websites for your latest news, instead, it will come to you!

For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS

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