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UKRC Partners

The British Institute of Radiology

The BIR is a multidisciplinary membership organisation connecting radiology professionals and industry at all levels, focusing on “where science meets medicine” for the benefit of the patient.

We provide opportunities for forward-looking people with an interest in radiology and radiation oncology to exchange ideas and gain new perspectives on technologies and treatments.

Through a dynamic range of outputs such as scientific meetings, conferences, peer-reviewed journals and regional and online networks, the Institute fosters respect and understanding between doctors, scientists and people of business, and seeks to create a wider appreciation of the importance of partnerships.

With origins dating back to 1897, the BIR is a registered charity and not-for-profit membership organisation. Based in London, it is governed by and for its members.


The Society and College of Radiographers 

The College of Radiographers is the charitable subsidiary of the Society of Radiographers, the membership body for some 24,000 radiographers, other professionals in clinical imaging and radiation oncology and students and trainees. The society provides, through an annual subscription, a full range of services, including professional indemnity, workplace support, CPD management and support through CPD Now and Synergy: Imaging and Therapy Practice, a comprehensive monthly news magazine, Synergy News and many other benefits. Like all charities, The College of Radiographers serves the public good, with objects directed towards education, research and other related activities. A major initiative to support research in radiography is the Industry Partnership Scheme, which now has 20 partners. Jointly, The Society and College work towards raising standards across the spectrum of clinical imaging, radiotherapy, oncology practice and education, providing a comprehensive approval and accreditation programme for all pre and post-registration education provision. Technical and professional guidance, a comprehensive website, publications, journals (including and the internationally acclaimed peer reviewed journal Radiography), seminars and conferences are examples of just some of the benefits available to each and every member of the Society of Radiographers.


The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine  

The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) is dedicated to bringing together physical science, engineering and clinical professionals in academia, healthcare services and industry to share knowledge, advance science and technology and inform and educate the public with the purpose of improving the understanding, detection and treatment of disease and the management of patients.

IPEM achieves these aims by:

·         Improving standards in clinical practice

·         Providing leadership and advice on scientific and engineering issues in healthcare to other healthcare professionals, government and the public

·         Organising conferences and meetings to stimulate research and innovation, and to disseminate its results

·         Publishing four influential scientific journals, specialised reports, a quarterly magazine and a fortnightly newsletter 

·         Supporting clinical scientists and technologists in their practice through education and training

·         Supporting the development of high quality healthcare in other countries

IPEM has around 4000 members in the UK and overseas. Benefits of membership include a free CPD scheme, discounts on conference fees and publications, bursaries and prizes, access to job vacancies, a wide support network at every stage of career progression, and use of designatory letters for most categories of membership as recognition of professional standing. 


Fairmount House

230 Tadcaster Road

York YO24 1ES

email: office@ipem.ac.uk

website: www.ipem.ac.uk